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Thanks Arts and Crafts Awards 2017...


One of our latest Nominee Entries and former Nominee of the A&CDA 2016 ANTONIO ZICCARELLI (Italy) has made these outstanding, creative and wonderful ceramic art pieces and once again our entire team wishes the artist lots of success alkso at this years award cycle! Antonio states: "My pottery creations follow a philosophy of Zen origin: 'To reach beauty through tools and simple materials'. (Futura Oribe) I have always been inspired by the masters of folk art movement Wabi Shoji Hamada and Sōetsu Yanagi. They were brought to the knowledge of the British public by Bernard Leach, who introduced the art of the potter Wabi revolution in the movement Art & Craft English half of the last century. My present work is based primarily on manual hand-shaping, material gres and fire control, the latter obtained only after years of experience and experimentation with wood-burning kilns. I like to work clay with simple tools, some made from commonly used objects, others made by me. The concept of simplicity even applies decorations to create glazes from natural sources such as wood ash, metal oxides, and everything I can find in nature. My creations are so personal that they bring the mark of the calm and rainy days, in short, those days filled with creativity and passion, and those in which you do not want to do anything. My masks are white faded like a distant memory. Disappointed look at the afflicted world of men. I thought of a new design far removed from the masks that had been used in my land, Calabria, since the time of Magna Grecia, to keep away evil spirits." Thank you Antonio!


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